B2B Terms & Conditions of Sale

The sale of Rion Aesthetics Inc. (“Rion Aesthetics”) products is subject to the terms of sale described herein. These terms and conditions are specifically intended for our business-to-business (B2B) customers. In this context, a 'B2B Buyer' refers to businesses, retailers, or entities that purchase our products for the purpose of resale to their customers or for use within their professional practice. These terms and conditions take precedence over the terms and conditions that may be contained on any other forms and apply specifically to B2B transactions. They do not apply to purchases made through our online store by individual consumers. 

Orders: Orders are placed using the form provided by a Rion Aesthetics representative. Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled. 

Pricing: The price list in effect at the time the products are shipped shall determine product price. All prices shall be exclusive of all tariffs, taxes, insurance, shipping, freight, and delivery charges. 

Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”): The MAP reflected in the order form and your invoice represents the lowest price at which the Buyer is permitted to publicly advertise (plated)™ Skin Science products for sale. Advertising the product below the MAP in any form, including but not limited to online displays, digital advertising, and email offers, is strictly prohibited. Breach of this policy may lead to penalties, including possible termination of the buyer's ability to purchase Rion Aesthetics products. 

Resale: The Buyer agrees not to sell (plated)™ Skin Science to any person who is not the intended end-user (Consumer). The Buyer is also not authorized to distribute the product to third parties, including internet sites and third-party auction sites. Unauthorized sale of Rion Aesthetics products may result in penalties, up to and including suspension of the buyer's account and discontinuation of further sales to the buyer. 

Delivery: All prices are quoted as "Ex Works at Rion Aesthetics’ Manufacturing Plant or Warehouse” unless otherwise mutually agreed in a sales order or other written document. This means the Buyer assumes ownership and all associated costs (including tariffs, taxes, insurance, shipping, and delivery charges) from the moment the goods are handed over to the shipping carrier at Rion Aesthetics' location. Rion Aesthetics shall not be liable for delays in delivery. Responsibility for the products, including the risk of loss or damage, transfers to the Buyer once the goods are released to the commercial carrier. 

Returns: Rion Aesthetics provides returns only for defective units. The Buyer has thirty (30) days after receiving a Product to request a return for a defective unit. To be eligible for a return, the Product must be in an unopened and unused condition. The Buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs. 

To initiate a return request for a defective unit, the Buyer must submit a brief description of the defect along with the applicable purchase order/invoice number to returns@platedskinscience.com . Rion Aesthetics will review such requests and will determine, in its sole and absolute discretion, whether to grant or deny the return request. 

Advertising: The Buyer must adhere to the regulations set forth by the United States Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission. The Buyer also understands and acknowledges that (plated)™ Skin Science is classified as a cosmetic product and shall not be used or promoted for any uses outside of cosmetic/aesthetic purposes, including but not limited to medical and therapeutic uses. All advertising or promotional claims made by the Buyer must strictly pertain to cosmetic/aesthetic purposes and be compliant with FDA and FTC regulations. Under no circumstances is the Buyer permitted to mention the Mayo Clinic in association with the Company or the products. 

Use of Name: Neither party shall use the names or trademarks of the other party or of any of the other party’s affiliated entities, in any advertising, publicity, endorsement, or promotion unless the other party has provided prior written consent for the particular use contemplated. The process for requesting and granting written consent shall be as outlined in a separate written agreement. 

Intellectual Property: The Buyer agrees that it will not copy, reproduce, or otherwise replicate any of Rion Aesthetics’ trademarks, copyrighted materials, marketing materials, or advertising materials without the prior written consent of Rion Aesthetics. 

Notification of Infringement: The Buyer must inform Rion Aesthetics promptly in writing of any adoption, use, or registration that may come to its attention of any trademark, service mark, or other usage that may infringe upon or impair Rion Aesthetic's rights in and to its Intellectual Property. Such written notice should be sent to info@platedskinscience.com or any other point of contact provided by Rion Aesthetics. 

Warranty and Indemnity: Rion Aesthetics warrants that the Products sold are of a specified quality when shipped and that the ingredients are accurate as labeled within recognized tolerances. Rion Aesthetics is not liable for any liability, costs, or damages resulting from misuse of the product, storage in unsuitable conditions, or any other circumstances beyond Rion Aesthetics' control. The Buyer agrees to hold Rion Aesthetics harmless from any and all liability, costs, or damages from any injury or damage to persons or property caused in any manner by said products while they are in the possession of the Buyer, or end-user or consumer thereof. 

Virtual Storefront Program: Interested Buyers seeking to participate in our virtual storefront program should contact us at info@platedskinscience.com for more information. This program is subject to additional terms and conditions that must be agreed upon prior to participation. 

Applicable Law: This agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Minnesota in the United States of America. 

Offer and Modification: The terms of this agreement constitute the entire and exclusive agreement between the parties. No modification of or addition to the terms and conditions is binding on Rion Aesthetics unless contained in a written agreement (either physical or digital) signed by an authorized representative of Rion Aesthetics. Failure to notify Rion Aesthetics of any discrepancies, objections to, or disagreement with such terms and conditions or acceptance of any shipment from Rion Aesthetics shall be construed as an acceptance of this agreement as present herein. 

For any questions, please contact us at info@platedskinscience.com.